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Here your will find music and videos of featured David Acoustic tunes. Let me know if you like what you hear at david@davidacoustic.com!

General Categories:

  • Acoustic - Features slower tempos and acoustic instruments
  • Rock - Features faster tempos and plugged in instruments
  • Electronic - Fast tempos, abrasive synths and acid loops
  • Video - Yeah, you guessed it...

Hand In Hand
Little Bird
Tiger Eyes
She Keeps Me Guessing
Earn It
A Case of Nothing
Playing With Fire
You Complete Me
I'll Be There
Cycle In Life
The Child Inside
We're Inseparable
Stage One Crazy (By Rayski)
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American Vampire
My Guitar
She's My Lady
Rock n Roll Heaven
Till The Mojo's Gone
Trouble's In Town
I Like It Loud
She's a Fever
Very Rich Man
Great To Be Alive
I Gotta Little Woman
We Love Our Rock and Roll
She Can Do Anything
Crash With You
Right Where You Belong
I'll Say It Again
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To Loud To See
She's The Bomb
Noise Tikka
Egg Yolka
Synth Noodle Snack
Checkered Flag
Drone of Silence
Full 8 Bit Jacket
8 Bit 80s
8 Bit Emergency
Before I had You
Get Buzzy
Deep Space Diving
The Speed Of Night
Wide Collar Crime
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" She's the Bomb " Music Video

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