A Story...

Still dreaming . . . Like many people, I once had the dream of being a professional musician. Then I realized I was a better professional geek. So, I started keeping the music to myself. Then I stopped writing altogether. Years passed. We started a family. Life moved on. It's been good. There were a few songs, but no recordings. Recently, over the past year or so, I started to record again and thought maybe I would share a bit. So far, it's been fun.--Winter 2009

The Story Continues

It's been a couple of years since I wrote the above. Still haven't hit the big time but continue to compose and record after the geek inside has closed shop for the day. I've enjoyed great feedback from friends, family and fans. I've done some great collaborations with some of you--and even had my music used commercially (small-time, no pay--but it's a start).--Fall 2010